22.55 ha
Forest Area under IFA → Reserve forest, Forest Area under IFA → Village forest, CFR under FRA
Nayagarh, Odisha


Area (ha)22.55
Ecosystem TypeForest
Number of households63
Number of people255

Origin and Establishment

Origin and Establishment
OriginBased on traditional practice, Revived by community initiative
Year of Formation2006
MotivationsLivelihood, Ecological functions, Self empowerment, Religious/cultural sentiments, Wild biodiversity conservation, Others → ?

Governance, Management and Conservation Systems

Governance, Management and Conservation Systems
Collective of CCAsYes
Decision Making BodyGram sabha, CFR management committee
Rules and Regulations-
Community activities through the yearFire Management, Regulation of harvest, Patrolling, watch and ward

Legal and Other Recognitions

Legal and Other Recognitions
Legal Status Forest Area under IFA → Reserve forest, Forest Area under IFA → Village forest, CFR under FRA
FRA Applicability Yes
Community Forest Resource Rights (CFR)CFR claims recognised
Date of filing CFR claim07-11-2014
Level of CFR claim -
Date of recognition of CFR claim-
Management plan statusCFRMC constituted and endorsed by Gram Sabha
Land OwnershipGovernment owned → Forest Department, Government owned → Revenue Department, Community Owned
Other Recognised Status Others → ?
Sacred Landscape-

Impact and Learnings

Impact and Learnings
Impact on Livelihoods and SubsistenceCut fodder, Grazing, Firewood, Non-timber forest produce, Timber
Social ImpactsCommunity empowerment, Assured land ownership or access, Revival or continuation of cultural/religious associations
Ecological ImpactNatural habitat preservation, Good diversity and population of wildlife, Improved/sustained ecological services
Internal Threats and ChallengesChanging socio-cultural practices and aspirations
External Threats and ChallengesRestrictive laws and policies, Invasive or non-native species

Data Contributor

Data Contributor
Data SourceThrough participation and consent of entire community
Year of Study2023

References and Glossary

References and Glossary

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